diet delivery services that provide extra supportYou already know that diet delivery services can deliver healthy, portion-controlled meals to your doorstep, making dieting a cinch. However, did you know that some of these services go above and beyond that, catering additional services and features, as well? Read on to learn about three diet delivery services that provide extra support.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig, our top-rated diet program, is known for both the diet meals and extra support it provides. For example, All Access is a Jenny Craig plan that offers meals and extras. By subscribing to this plan, you wouldn’t just be receiving meals and snacks each day. You would also get a personal consultant who provides one-on-one guidance, helping you to make beneficial lifestyle changes and healthy eating choices. These consultation sessions are provided in person at your local Jenny Craig center, or you can opt to receive them through phone or video chat – the choice is yours.

To top off these provisions, Jenny Craig also gives subscribers access to support tools. These technological tools help you plan your meals, track your activities and monitor your progress.

The All Access plan costs $19/month, plus a $99 enrollment fee (or $49 with its current, limited-time discount). The plan also requires that you pay for the food (about $20/day) and applicable shipping costs. If you’re interested in learning more about Jenny Craig and its programs, check out our Jenny Craig review.


BistroMD is another diet delivery service that provides an extra something – and more. Besides delivering meals to subscribers, BistroMD, one of the most customizable diet delivery services we’ve reviewed, allows subscribers to set up free one-on-one consultations with a personal dietitian. If you were to subscribe to one of this service’s plans, your BistroMD dietitian would be able to help address your health questions via different means, including phone, email and Skype.

In addition to giving you access to a dietitian, BistroMD provides health and diet information through a weekly newsletter, and the service also gives you fitness tips.

Additionally, BistroMD allows you to easily customize your menu through “My bistroMD,” an interface that lets you see your plan’s menu in advance. To customize your menu after accessing the interface, you would just have to select the entrees you want to eat.

BistroMD’s plans range from $119.95/week to $179.95/week, depending on the number of meals you order and whether you’re ordering five or seven days of meals. If you’d like to know more about this service, take a look at our BistroMD review.


Nutrisystem is another diet delivery service that provides extra support along with diet-friendly meals. However, depending on which Nutrisystem plan you subscribe to, the amount of extra support you receive varies.

For example, if you were to subscribe to Nutrisystem’s Basic plan, the service’s cheapest option, you would receive extra support in the form of online tracking tools and an app. If you were to subscribe to the Core or Uniquely Yours plan, both of which are more expensive than the Basic program, the same tools and app would come with your meal plan subscription as well, but you would also get unlimited access to counselors and dietitians.

Nutrisystem plans vary in price. For women’s plan subscribers, a four-week plan can cost between $9.20/day to $11.34/day, depending on the selected plan (e.g., Basic, Core or Uniquely Yours). For Nutrisystem men’s plan subscribers, different types of four-week meal plans also vary in cost, ranging from $10.52/day to $12.66/day. To learn more about Nutrisystem and what it can offer you, take a look at our Nutrisystem review.

Now that you know three diet delivery services that provide extra support, learn about other aspects of these services you could consider. Also, check out our reviews of diet delivery services to find the best service for your dieting goals.