stay on track with your new year's resolutionWe all know that the hardest part of settings goals with new year’s resolutions is actually sticking to those goals, especially once the first month of the new year is over. Whether your resolution was to live a healthier lifestyle overall, improve your eating habits or lose a few pounds, you may start to lose your momentum as the year progresses. That’s where a diet delivery program can help. Keep reading to learn which diet programs can help you stay on track with your healthy new year’s resolutions.

Most comprehensive diet program: Jenny Craig

If you’re looking for a diet program that offers the full support of a personal consultant along with diet meals, Jenny Craig is the way to go. Its meals cost about $20/day (not including the cost of adding your own fruit, vegetables and dairy) plus the monthly cost of its consultations and support tools. If you plan to enroll in the program for more than just a month or two, its All Access program costs $19/month plus a one-time enrollment fee of $99. The alternative is a pay-as-you-go option, which offers month-to-month support for $39/month. Whether you choose the All Access Program or the As You Go option, you’ll have full access to your own personal consultant, either in-person or over the phone, who will help you stay on track with your diet, exercise regimen and weight loss goals. Its meal plans are custom-tailored for every individual, and Jenny Craig even has meal plans available for diabetics and vegetarians.

Most flexible diet program: Diet-to-Go

Diet-to-Go is a great option for those looking for some flexibility in their weekly diet, as it offers a variety of five-day and seven-day meal plans to choose from. The five-day meal plans, for example, give you the choice of three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or two meals per day (lunch and dinner). If you’d like a bit more structure and you want to avoid having “cheat days” on the weekends, Diet-to-Go also offers the three meals per day and two meals per day options on its seven-day meal plans. The daily cost of these meals is about $20 to $25/day, depending on the meal plan. Although it doesn’t offer the support of a consultant, Diet-to-Go does offer some online tools for monitoring your meals and weight loss goals. It’s also one of the diet programs that offers ready-to-eat meals, meaning you won’t have to add any supplemental food (e.g., fruit, dairy or vegetables) to make your meals complete.

Most budget-friendly diet program: Nutrisystem

Looking for a diet program that won’t break the bank? Nutrisystem is the most budget-friendly diet program we review, costing around $9 to $13/day. It’s important to note that this doesn’t include the cost of adding supplemental food; some of its meals suggest you add extra fruit, vegetables and dairy to make them complete. Although it’s not as flexible as other diet programs, Nutrisystem does offer some variety in its four-week meal plans, which allow you to choose whether or not you’d like to add snacks to your daily meals, as well as the option to pick which meals you’d specifically like to receive. It also has different meal plans available for men and women, along with options safe for those with dietary restrictions, such as people with milk allergies or who are watching their cholesterol.

Interested in getting started with one of these diet programs or seeing what other options are available to help you stay on track with your resolutions? Visit our diet delivery program reviews to learn more.