order from a diet delivery programLooking to start a new diet for the new year? A diet delivery program can help you start by delivering nutritious, portioned out, good tasting meals directly to your doorstep for convenient, hassle-free dieting. Since trying a new diet can be intimidating, as you never really know what you can expect, we’ve signed up, ordered and tasted some of the most well-known diet programs around. Here’s what happens when you order from a diet delivery program.

What kind of plans do diet programs offer when you sign up?

When determining which diet delivery service to sign up for, knowing what kind of plans each service offers is important, as there are some services that offer a one-plan-fits-all approach and other that offer more flexibility in their plan options. For example, 17 Day Diet only offers one plan type, which provides three meals a day, seven days a week for about $184/week. This is a great option for those who are looking for a more regimented approach to dieting that leaves no room for “cheat days.” For a less controlled diet plan, there are services like Diet-to-Go that offer five-day plans (for about $119/week) or seven-day plans (for about $150/week) as well as the option to select full plans or partial plans. The full plans provide three meals a day — breakfast, lunch and dinner — and the partial plans provide lunch and dinner only; both the full and partial plans give you the option to choose five meals per week or seven meals per week.

There are also more comprehensive diet programs, such as Jenny Craig, that offer both the full support of personal diet counselors as well as daily meals. This blog post explains the differences between hands-on and hands-off diet services. Additionally, if you have any food allergies, there are several services that accommodate dietary restrictions to ensure they only send you meals that are safe for you to eat.

What can I expect to receive at my doorstep?

Most of these meals come frozen with dry ice to keep them preserved during shipping. Then once you receive them, you’ll need to store them in your freezer. One the other hand, there are some services, like Nutrisystem, that provide some frozen meals and some shelf-stable meals, the latter of which can be kept at room temperature until you’re ready to eat them — they do not need refrigeration or freezing. The shipments also come with a list of each meal and its corresponding ingredients to help you plan your meals for each day of the week. Although there are some services that require you to add supplemental foods to your meals (such as vegetables or dairy), there are also services that provide meals that are be ready to eat after just a few minutes in the microwave, so you can enjoy meals at home, the office or anywhere else with a microwave. You can expect to receive your meal shipments weekly, bi-weekly or once a month, depending on which diet service you sign up for.

How do I reorder or stop receiving shipments?

Most of these services sign you up for automatic renewals at the time of registration, so you’ll receive your shipments at the same frequency every week, every other week or every month without having to place new orders. If you don’t want to receive any more meals, or would like to take a break from your dieting, you do have the option to cancel these services at any time.

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