Last-Minute GiftsWondering what to get for your loved ones this holiday season? Finding the right gift for each of your friends and family members can be puzzling, especially if you waited until the last minute to shop, so why not take out some of the guesswork? Giving digital subscriptions to online services like cloud storage or website building make for some perfect last-minute holiday gifts, as these services are practical and useful. There a huge number of different online services available, each perfect for a different recipient. Instead of braving the cold and dealing with the mall crowds, consider one of these four last-minute gift ideas.


While it may seem odd, giving someone the gift of a genealogy service is sure to be a hit! Even those who think they know their family’s origin will find that these services are helpful in discovering new information. Genealogy services are best known for helping users find and organize their family tree, but the possibilities reach much farther than that. Users can actually search historical documents like birth and death records, census reports and draft records, giving some insight to a family’s past that may otherwise have gone unexplored. These services are definitely affordable and are a perfect, unique idea for the most curious person in your family. Our top-rated genealogy service, Ancestry, offers some of the most comprehensive reports available, including marriage, military, immigration, emigration and voter records as well as newspaper articles, photos, maps, memoirs and a family tree building tool all for just $19.99/month or $99.99 for a 6-month membership. What’s more, a number of these services, including MyHeritage and Ancestry, offer DNA testing kits, which can help users discover their origins and maybe even connect with some unknown family members.

Website building

Building a website isn’t just for techies anymore. In fact, everyone from entrepreneurs to college graduates to recently-engaged couples are creating websites as a way to share information with their customers, potential employers or wedding guests. While this process may seem daunting for some, website building services make it easy and fun to create your very own web page because they grant users the space to create and personalize their website until it fits their needs to a tee, all without a speck of knowledge about HTML coding. These services offer a number of editing options and easily customizable templates as well as reliable support for those who are new to the website building game. Purchasing a year-long subscription to some of the top website builders like GoDaddy and Wix costs around $5/month or less.

Online backup

Do you have someone in your life who’s known for their extensive music or photo library? How about a student who’s infamous for losing track of all of their assignments? Online backup services are a thoughtful and fairly inexpensive gift for those who can use a little help staying organized and keeping their digital file cabinet in order. Plus, online backup users can access their personal files from anywhere, even their smartphone, making it even easier to stay organized. There are a number of different choices of cloud platforms that are worth researching before you purchase a gift subscription. While the amount of storage space offered and the price range varies greatly, there is sure to be a plan that perfectly fits the needs of someone on your list. For a recipient whose biggest concern is online security, a strong service like SpiderOak is ideal, as it has a zero-knowledge security policy, meaning even the service itself doesn’t have access to passwords or any other account information, while a service like iDrive is best for someone who needs quick, reliable access to their data while at home or on the road, as it’s affordable and has an app for both Android and IOS devices.

Cloud storage

Giving a subscription to a cloud storage service may seem odd at first, but is certainly a gift that keeps on giving. For about $100/year, depending on the service, you can give one of your family members or friends the gift of secure cloud collaboration. Similar to online backup services (but not the same), cloud storage platforms have been designed using strong encryption capabilities that allow users to send and receive data seamlessly and without risking any intruder activity, making it a great option for a student, workaholic or someone who loves to share family photos or videos. If you’re giving this gift to a student in need of a way to collaborate with their peers for school-related assignments, Dropbox has a subscription plan that offers a ton of storage (1 TB) for $9.99/month. On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy a subscription for someone who works with a large amount of data or files, like photos or videos, a service with an unlimited plan like Carbonite or Amazon Cloud Drive might be the way to go.

Buying the right gift for everyone during the holidays is no easy feat, especially if you’re a last-minute shopper. Instead of stressing over finding time to shop, try mixing it up and purchasing a few different digital subscriptions to online services that will make each recipient’s life a little easier and certainly more fun.