wedding website privacyThe goal of most websites people create is for them to be seen, preferably by as many other people as possible. Whether it’s a simple blog talking about your favorite hobby or a page advertising your small business, traffic from other people finding and viewing your site is arguably the ultimate goal of the majority of webmasters. That said, some websites are better left viewed by only those whose eyes they are meant for — and wedding websites happen to be one of them. Although many brides and grooms might be ecstatic to share their happy news with the world, it’s one thing to announce that you are getting married and quite another to announce the specific details of the special day. Here are some reasons why you should consider making sure your wedding website stays private:

1. Wedding crashers are a real thing. Although the popular film came out over a decade ago, the concept of crashing a stranger’s wedding has yet to die off. As such, numerous apps and websites have been created specifically to glean wedding information from the Internet and compile it into databases so those looking to elbow their way in on a stranger’s special day can do so with ease. Few couples spend thousands of dollars on a wedding reception with the hope that people they don’t know will show up, so wedding website privacy should be a top priority. Additionally, strangers at your wedding could pose more risk than just freeloading on food and drink — there have been plenty of cases of thieves crashing weddings and stealing from guests and the wedding party.

2. Your personal privacy is at risk. The current cultural climate of sharing everything is consistently taken advantage of by identity thieves and other criminals, such as those planning home invasions. By making public sensitive details about the time and location of your wedding ceremony and reception, you are letting thieves know when and where they can gain access to your gifts as well as giving them knowledge about your personal life that you probably don’t want publicly known. Additionally, if your wedding website contains details on your honeymoon, you are essentially advertising when your home will be unoccupied to thieves.

How can I ensure my wedding website privacy?

The easiest way to ensure wedding website privacy is to create one using a free wedding website builder, many of which are offered by popular wedding stationery sites like Minted and Tiny Prints’ Wedding Paper Divas. In many cases, password-protecting your website requires you to pay a fee rather than using the free version, but considering all the money spent on a wedding, a few extra dollars to ensure your wedding website privacy is a worthy price to pay. If you’d rather buck the trend and create a custom web page from scratch for your big day, many popular website builders make it easy to add special features like password-protected pages or even allow you to set your site up so it can’t be found through search engines. Learn more about the top-rated website building services by reading our reviews.