home officeBuying the right gift for a family member or friend who works from home sounds like a rather specific dilemma. It may alleviate some of your stress if you think of it this way — how many people do you know who would benefit from a gift that would make their work-to-home transition a bit easier? Our guess is that a good number of the family members and friends who are on your holiday list fit into that category. Whether they’re a small business owner, an employee who works remotely or simply someone who can’t resist the urge to get an hour or two of more work done from home, there are a plethora of unique gifts to help them build (or add to) their home office. Here are a few options:

Remote Desktop

Perhaps one of the most useful gifts you can give to someone who seems like they’re always on the clock is a subscription for a remote desktop service. In essence, these types of programs allow users to access multiple desktops from one host computer. Being able to access files and documents that you left unsaved at work is priceless for the receiver, and something that will likely come in handy more often than not. The price of this gift is also appealing, as a lifetime subscription to a top-rated remote desktop service can cost as little as $49 for one PC.

Online Backup

Using an online backup service is vital for just about anyone who works on a computer. We’ve all felt the devastation of an upload gone wrong or a sudden computer crash. This holiday season, give someone you care about some peace of mind by signing them up for an online backup service. These services are designed to perform routine automatic backups and automatically encrypt your information so that you can rest assured that the work you’ve put so much effort into is not lost in cyberspace at the last minute. In fact, online backup services are not only a great way to keep data safe, especially when combined with the previously mentioned remote desktop gift, they’re the perfect way to sync all of your work stations to one place that can usually be accessed from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Staying safe this holiday season no longer only applies to your speed limit and designated driver, now you can make sure that your hard work stays safe, too. Another plus side to this gift? An annual subscription to a top-rated service can have a price tag as low as $59.99/year for a personal plan, which should provide enough space and features for someone who works from home.

Online Stamps

Anyone running a business from their home, especially if they sell any sort of goods, knows the importance of easy and efficient shipping. That’s why an online stamps service might be the gift they never knew they needed. Signing up for an online stamps service provides the recipient the necessary equipment to print their own postage and ship directly from their home — saving tons of time and money that might otherwise be spent running to and from the post office. While this gift may not be the first that comes to mind, there is no way to deny that a business owner working from their home would greatly appreciate being given the chance to print their own postage without skipping a beat. Online stamps are another great value, some offering subscriptions as inexpensive¬†as $14.99/month for Mac users, or $9.95/month for PC users.

Shopping for gifts can be a tiresome process, but when it comes to finding the perfect present for the hardest worker you know, the process is simple. Choosing the right online service to give as a gift really only depends on the type of person you’re buying for and what their most pressing home-office needs are. Whether you opt for a monthly or annual subscription to a top-rated online service, your gift is sure to be a hit.