using internet faxFor some, faxing anything has become obsolete in the Internet Era we live in. But for others in specific industries, such as law or healthcare, it’s still very much a necessity. While it may be a necessity, who really wants to use bulky fax machines that not only take up space and paper, but also take some time to send and make that noisy connection sound? If your job still needs to employ the use of a fax machine or you just prefer to send documents this way, Internet faxing can make things easier for you. Here’s how:

Cost and Convenience

Most people check their email accounts daily, whether it’s for work or personal use, so it’s highly unlikely that someone won’t be online to send or receive a fax. With Internet fax, you no longer have to borrow a friend’s fax machine or go to a local store and pay for sending or receiving pages. These services offer affordable monthly plans (usually less than $10/month) that vary by page allotment, which can help you save money that you’d otherwise be spending on paper, ink and an extra phone line for faxing. Additionally, many of these services, such as MetroFax, have free mobile apps that allow you to send, sign and receive faxes right from your smartphone, no matter where you are.


Unlike traditional faxes, ones sent or received online aren’t printed on paper that could fall into anyone’s hands. Incoming and outgoing faxes with an Internet fax service can only be accessed via email or a web-based user account that requires a username and password to access. Because of this, users have a certain level of privacy and security with their documents. While some people may be concerned with sending sensitive information online, especially because these Internet fax companies cannot claim they are HIPAA compliant, rest assured that they do adhere to strict guidelines to meet factors regulated by HIPAA. They also use SSL-encrypted servers, which help to ensure your data remains private and confidential.

Delivery confirmation

As with the traditional fax machine, Internet fax services will also let you know when an outgoing fax is sending, sent or has failed. An added benefit of why you should opt for Internet fax over traditional fax is that it keeps a digital log of all outgoing and incoming faxes. This allows you to see the time, date and outgoing/incoming fax number associated with each fax at a quick glance instead of having to sift through numerous papers or sort through the faxing history on your fax machine.

Check out our Internet fax reviews to find a service that best fits your needs, or if you’d like to start off with a free trial, we’ve put together a list of the top services that you can try out for free.