online shopsOnline shopping is a guilty pleasure for many of us, whether we’d like to admit it or not. Quick searches, simple checkout procedures and paperless purchases are luring customers to online stores like Amazon, eBay and Etsy, where individual sellers can retail their goods from just about anywhere, including a home office. The appeal of an online store essentially lies in convenience on both the part of the buyer as well as the seller. For those who manage and sell from these online shops, deciding on the best shipping option is important because they need to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to get the product out to the consumer. That’s why a lot of online shop owners depend on online stamps.

How do online stamps services work?

The process is simple: upon signing up for an online stamps service, sellers will receive their very own scale with which they use to calculate the shipping price of each package they send. Next, the seller can design and print official U.S. postage right from their own personal computer and printer. Sellers then print postage and wait for the mailman to pick it up — it’s really that easy.

What are the benefits of using an online stamps service?

Internet store owners are wise to utilize an online stamps service for a number of reasons. To start, shipping involves a number of supplies — boxes, envelopes, packing material – that can add up to a pretty hefty bill. With an online stamps provider, online store managers can cut down on the cost of such supplies because free delivery of things like priority mail tubes and flat rate boxes is often included in the price of an online stamps service.

Along the same thread, there is another price reduction in pickup services. Instead of spending time and gas driving to the local post office, users can simply print the shipping labels at their home or office and wait for their mail carrier to take their packages directly from their home.

The final reason as to why a lot of online store owners opt to use an online stamps service is these services are reasonable priced., for example, starts at a monthly rate of $15.99 before the cost of the actual postage. For an online store owner who ships frequently from home, the cost of a stamps service equalizes with the discounts and the time savings that are accredited to reducing travel time to and from the physical post office.

An online stamps service may not always make sense for personal use, but they directly address the needs of a small business owner, especially one who ships from their own home. Personalizing each specific order is somewhat unavoidable for those running an online store, but having the help of your own home post office makes customization not only possible, but profitable.