Target has announced the details of the identity theft protection service that it’s offering to its customers — ProtectMyID. The retail giant is providing free protection for one year to all of its customers, however this may not be the best service for the victims of the breach.

Will ProtectMyID actually protect me?

Even though Target is offering you a free membership to ProtectMyID, the service itself lacks in terms of credit report monitoring and identity theft protection. Target shoppers are particularly at risk for falling victim to identity theft, and ProtectMyID doesn’t offer top-notch protection that they should be getting.

The ProtectMyID membership offered through Target doesn’t include many of the features that will help protect them from falling victim to identity theft protection — such as Internet black market monitoring, address monitoring, public records monitoring and three-bureau credit monitoring. Instead, the membership offered through Target only includes daily monitoring of only your Experian credit report, access to the Experian Fraud Resolution team, $1 million identity theft insurance and one free copy of your Experian credit report every 30 days. These features seem to only focus on identity theft restoration, instead of current protection against identity theft, which is what Target customers need. See for yourself how ProtectMyID compares to other identity theft protection services.

And since your identity is at risk, it’s essential that you get identity theft protection that provides three-bureau report monitoring because not all lines of credit are reported to all three of the bureaus. This means that you may be a victim of identity theft while signed up for ProtectMyID without even knowing it because you only have monitoring and access to the Experian credit report.

What are better options for identity theft protection?

If you really want to make sure your identity is protected from identity theft, then there are more complete services that you should consider signing up for, including Identity Guard and TrustedID.

Identity Guard: The top-rated Identity Guard not only provides you with three-bureau credit reports and scores immediately after you sign up but it also includes complete identity theft protection, identity theft resolution and daily monitoring of all three credit reports. In terms of identity theft protection, Identity Guard monitors all three of your credit reports for any changes or new lines of credit; scans databases for application or social security fraud; monitors public records for any changes made in your name as well as monitors the Internet black market to verify that none of your credit card or personal information is being sold or traded to identity thieves.

If Identity Guard finds any of your information being misused, traded or sold to identity thieves, it will send you a real time alert and provide you with tips on how to restore your identity as well as complete access to its identity theft recovery unit. You are also protected by Identity Guard’s $1 million insurance. This service even provides you with a free 30-day trial so you can test the service prior to making any financial commitment. Sign up for Identity Guard to protect yourself today or read through our review of Identity Guard to learn more about the top-rated protection.

TrustedID: The other top-rated service, TrustedID, provides solid identity theft protection, complete with three-bureau credit reports and scores, as well as active monitoring for an individual or the whole family. In terms of identity theft protection, TrustedID offers Internet black market monitoring to make sure your personal information and bank information isn’t being sold or traded to identity thieves; daily three-bureau credit report monitoring; public records monitoring for any changes or misuse of your name and address and social security number.

If TrustedID detects any of your personal information being misused, traded or sold to identity thieves, it provides you with a real-time alert including tips on how to restore your identity as well as complete access to its identity theft restoration unit. TrustedID also protects you with a $1 million service warranty. This service is also one of the only identity theft protection services to offer you medical record protection, which helps you request a copy of your medical history so you can make sure you haven’t fallen victim to medical identity theft. And, TrustedID offers a free 14-day trial so you can test out the service before making a financial commitment. Sign up for TrustedID today to protect yourself and your family or check out our review of TrustedID to learn more about the service.