Facebook is a great way to share snippets of your life with family and friends. While posting and sharing can be fun, however, it’s important to control exactly what personal information you’re giving up and who is seeing this information. Ignoring your privacy settings can leave your personal information open to unwelcome eyes, and in the worst case scenario, lead to identity theft.

Facebook Privacy Survey

Though it’s important for Facebook users to stay on top of their privacy preferences and check them regularly, we at NextAdvisor wondered if users are paying attention to their privacy preferences as much as they should be. Thus, we decided to learn more about the habits of Facebook users ages 18 and older for ourselves by creating a survey. This infographic shows our findings and offers tips to protect yourself and your privacy on Facebook.

facebook privacy

Protecting your identity

On top of keeping your Facebook privacy settings on point, there are other important ways you can be protecting your identity from fraudsters. The top identity theft protection services monitor your credit file daily and alert you immediately of any changes. They also monitor the Internet black market and public records for fraudulent use of your social security number and other personal information. In addition to a variety of different monitoring and identity theft relief features, many of the top services also include a complimentary Internet security software subscription.

Visit our identity theft protection page to read full reviews and compare popular services side-by-side. Many of them offer free trials, so sign up and try it out.