Norton vs. Kaspersky 2014Pitting Norton vs. Kaspersky 2014 is a true battle of the best when it comes to Internet security software. Both have stepped up to the plate this year with slick, Windows 8-ready interfaces, top-notch security offerings and enough fancy features to make your head spin. To help determine which is the best choice to protect your computer and other devices this year, we’ve broken down some of the biggest differences between the two security suites.


There isn’t a huge price difference between the two, but Norton edges Kaspersky out with its price of $49.99/year compared to $59.95/year for protection of up to 3 PCs. Both prices factor in a special discount for NextAdvisor visitors, so be sure to click the link through our site before purchasing to take advantage of the deal.


Both Kaspersky and Norton offer top-rated antivirus and antimalware protection. When it comes to independent testing, Norton’s exclusion from recent AV-Comparatives Whole-Product Dynamic testing makes a comparison difficult but on Kaspersky’s end the results are stellar. The software has received a steady 3 out of 3 stars year after year, landing at the top of the list in this year’s most recent test. Norton brings an arsenal to the table with its Insight Network and Community Watch, which collect data from every computer the program is installed on and track files across the Internet to provide comprehensive monitoring on a global standpoint. No matter which security suite you pick, you’re going to get incredible protection.


Norton is chock full of features to help keep your identity protected while you surf the web, most notably the Identity Safe which stores your logins, credit card information and other personal data in a secure vault for safe shopping, banking and browsing. They’ve also added a handy Windows 8 App Remediation tool to put them ahead of the game and Zone cloud sharing with up to 5GB of free storage to get you started. Kaspersky is no less robust, boasting a Safe Money feature that opens a secure, separate browser window for online banking and shopping as well as a Virtual Keyboard to help deter keyloggers. When it comes to identity theft, Norton and Kaspersky are pretty evenly matched. Want to extend your Internet security to Facebook? Norton’s inclusion of a free Facebook scanner app is a no-miss for social media lovers.


Norton’s slick, stylish interface is as easy on the eyes as it is to navigate. Despite a massive array of features, Norton has managed to organize and explain most everything in an intuitive way that doesn’t require extra effort on the user’s part. Hovering over the text of most features brings up an information box that explains what it does, and getting from one section to the next is a fluid process with navigation clearly market on each page. Likewise, Kaspersky’s design is one that enhances the user experience with large, Windows 8-friendly buttons and easy navigation.

Bottom line: You will find strong antivirus/antimalware and identity theft protection, great extra features and an attractive, easy-to-operate interface no matter which choice you make in deciding on Norton vs. Kaspersky 2014. The slight edge goes to Norton for its low price and the inclusion of features that cater specifically to Windows 8 systems, but either way you’re getting the best Internet security has to offer.

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