Online privacy is a valid concern for everyone that uses the Internet in this Digital Age. It’s especially a concern for parents who have children or teens that use the Internet, which make the results of a recent Pew Internet and American Life Project survey somewhat of a relief for some of those parents.

According to the survey results, 70 percent of the surveyed teens sought advice about how to manage their privacy online. The results showed that 42 percent of teens sought advice from a friend or peer, 41 percent talked to their parents and 37 percent sought advice from a sibling or cousin.

Even though 70% of teens are taking the initiative to openly talk about their online privacy, it’s essential for parents to also bring up the the topic with their teens because it gives parents the opportunity to make their online privacy standards clear. Unfortunately, some parents feel that setting general parental controls is the only step they need to take to protect their children online, however that isn’t the case. Since social media is growing in popularity with teens, parents should go through each of the social media websites and walk their child through the settings together.

If a parent does not feel comfortable going through all of their child’s social media profiles with their child, they can always turn to parental control software, such as Net Nanny, that will protect your child for you. Check out this blog post to learn more about how to protect your child on social media using parental control software.