Q: I’ve been looking into Identity Guard’s identity theft protection services and noticed that the membership also includes Internet security software. I currently have Norton AntiVirus installed on my computer. Should I use Identity Guard’s Internet software instead? Does the software automatically download after I sign up? 

A: Great questions! If you decide to sign up for Identity Guard, then you are not required to download the Internet security software because it does not automatically download. To download Identity Guard’s Internet software, you’d need to log into your account and select “download” option.

Since you already have Norton AntiVirus on your computer, we’d recommend that you continue to use Norton because it is the best software for protecting you and your computer. As our top-rated Internet Security Software it offers protection with a lot of additional features at a budget-friendly option.

A lot of identity theft protection services offer some sort of anti-virus software with its membership, however we found that the anti-virus software included in the services are not as strong as other anti-virus software, such as Norton or McAfee. Also, the Internet security software offered by identity theft protection services is not available on Mac computers. The software included in the identity theft protection services is better than no Internet security software. So if you currently do not have anti-virus software, then we’d recommend that you download the software from your membership or look into purchasing Internet security software elsewhere.

Even though Internet security software is a solid aspect of identity theft protection services, the value of the services lies in the active monitoring of your personal information and credit reports as well as the identity theft restoration teams that help you through the identity theft restoration process.

Check out our identity theft compare chart to see which identity theft protection services will best fit your needs and visit our Internet security software page to see what your options are in terms of software.