Q: How long does Identity Guard require you to sign up for? Is it a long-term financial commitment? Also, how much will it cost for a couple?

A: Great questions! Identity Guard does not require you to sign any long-term contract or make any sort of long-term commitment. It is a month-to-month service, which means you can cancel the service anytime you’d like. Identity Guard also offers a 30-day free trial, so you can even test out the service for free before you are charged any money.

Identity Guard is a month-to-month service that costs $14.99/month per member. Similar to other identity theft protection services we review, one membership only protects one person — not a couple. That means you and your spouse would each pay $14.99/month, which would make your monthly total $29.98/month. It’s important that you’re aware that you and your spouse need two separate memberships, even if you and your spouse have joint accounts. This blog explains why it’s essential for a couple to have two separate memberships.

As out top-rated identity theft protection and credit report monitoring service, Identity Guard is a solid option for anyone seeking either of the services. Both the identity theft protection and credit report monitoring features are available to you immediately after you sign up for the service and begin your 30-day free trial.

In terms of identity theft protection, Identity Guard takes a lot of steps to help detect the theft before it’s too late. The service monitors the Internet black market to verify your bank information and other personal information is not being sold to identity thieves. On top of the Internet black market scanning, Identity Guard monitors public records for any changes in your name and scans databases for application or Social Security fraud. If Identity Guard notices any of your personal information is detected on it’s multiple scans, it will alert you as well as provide you with ways you can report the fraud.

Identity Guard also offers complete credit report monitoring. It offers daily scans of all three credit files, as well as provides you with updated credit reports and scores each quarter. If Identity Guard notices any changes to your credit report or scores, it will alert you of the change.

This service also offers protection for children with its kID Sure program. This plan allows you to add any child under the age of 18 to an existing Identity Guard for $5/month per child. Identity Guard works to protect your child’s identity by verifying that your child’s information isn’t found on criminal records, DMV records, utilities records. This service also scans the Internet black market to make sure their Social Security number isn’t being sold to identity thieves.

Read our full review of Identity Guard Total Protection to learn more about the service, or visit Identity Guard’s website to start your 30-day free trial today.