Q: I’ve notice that all your business VoIP reviews include a number of extensions included in each plan. What does extensions mean? What is the benefit of having more extensions?

A: Great question! Extensions refer to the number of physical desk phones you can have in your business. Each phone will have its own number. Business VoIP  services also refer to extensions as users.

The only benefit to having more extensions or users is the price of your monthly service. Some VoIP services, such as our top-rated service Jive, have discounted prices for 50 extensions or more. Other services, such as Ring Central, offer discounted prices for 100 extensions or more.

Even though the discounted prices are nice, the larger-extension plans are impractical if you won’t use all the extensions. Business VoIP is a cheap option for a business in general, so upgrading the extensions to get a cheaper price isn’t necessary. The bottom line is that you should pick the plan that is best for your business. Since most of the business VoIP services we review are month-to-month, you can always change or update your plan as your business grows.

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