Redbox is throwing its hat into the ring of online streaming. As most of you know, Redbox has been the last hope for DVD rentals for the past few years. Now Redbox looks to expand their service by teaming up with Verizon to present Redbox Instant.

Redbox Instant works very similarly to services like Netflix and Hulu in that you can subscribe to a monthly plan and have full access to their streaming library for unlimited viewing. The part that differentiates it from services like Netflix and Hulu is the 4 free credits you receive to rent Redbox DVD’s straight from the kiosk. The Kisok tends to have many of the latest DVD releases that are popular months before they are available for streaming. One of the greatest parts about the kiosks is the ability to return your movie to any of the thousands located around the country. You may be disappointed to find that Redbox does not offer any TV shows in their streaming programming; however, they still offer a large number of movie titles that are sure to peak your interest.

Redbox Instant costs $8 per month and allows you streaming access via computer, smartphone or tablet. There are also web-based apps for many of the top gaming systems that will allow you to stream your movies straight from your home television. Redbox Instant streaming may not be quite on par with the likes of Netflix and Hulu but it is a well-rounded streaming service that offers a list of great movies. To learn more about Redbox Instant in depth read NextAdvisor’s full review.