Q: Is it possible for me to sign up as an individual with TrustedID today, and change it to a family plan later? 

A: Great question! Yes, you can absolutely sign up for TrustedID today as an individual today and change the plan later.  TrustedID allows you to change the plan type and billing options whenever you wish to change them. And, the best part is that if you sign up through NextAdvisor, the exclusive 10 percent discount will travel with your membership no matter how you update or change it.

There are two ways you can go about changing your account type. The first is to call customer service and change it with a customer service representative, and the other is to do it online through the “Products” tab of your account. Either way would be an effective way, however it might be best to call so the customer service representative can assist you with any billing changes, in the circumstance that you’ll need to pay more or get a refund.

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