Netflix announced this week that they will be adding multiple user profiles to accounts this summer. The new feature will allow you to share your Netflix account with multiple users without the annoyance of seeing their tailored movie suggestions. Now when you lend someone your Netflix password, you wont be bombarded with kids show suggestions and other content that you’re not interested in.

The feature was added to the family plan which was announced not long ago. The new family plan allows for up to four users on a single account. It’s estimated that nearly 10 million users of Netflix are mooching off of friends or family members accounts. The family plan will start at $11.99 per month. Standard plans will also still apply but only allow you 2 users.

Netflix still has one of the highest subscription rates for streaming services and is still regarded as one of the top services out there. With others like Hulu and Amazon following closely behind, we may begin to see more features being added by Netflix in an attempt to keep their spot on top of the streaming world. If you are interested in learning more about Netflix and their streaming service go to