Online Dating can be a fun and effective way to meet singles and develop long lasting meaningful relationships. But much like regular dating, you must be aware of certain signs that may tip you off to a bad personality or situation. As many of you may know, online dating can be full of fake profiles and people posing as someone other then themselves. However, there are typically a few red flags you can look out for when looking for love online. After reviewing a number of different dating websites, we thought we would lay out some of the top 5 red flags that the person you are talking to might not be all that great.

No Profile Picture: When you sign up for most online dating sites, they ask you to provide some sort of profile picture. In this day and age, it’s a bit strange if someone doesn’t provide some sort of image along with their profile. Best bet is to stray away from anyone who has no images of themselves on their profile, as it could be some sort of scam.

Outlandish Bio: When searching for potential matches online, be aware of bios that seem too good to be true, because in most cases it is too good to be true. Be very weary of what people say they do for a living. Some of the most common fake dating accounts will pretend to be a model or say they are aspiring to be a model, which can usually be seen as a red flag for online dating.

Lives in Another Country: If the person you are talking to lives in another country, we hope that you would proceded with caution. The majority of all online dating scams are from people in other countries and lets be real, it’s not going to work out anyway. Even if it is real, how are you going to be able to have a normal relationship with someone who is that far away. Our advice is to stay local and if the time is right meet up with them in a neutral and comfortable location.

Injuries/ Illness: When talking to potential matches always be aware of the traumatic injuries or illness card that some will play. This tactic is sometimes used to gain sympathy and avoid contact. These tactics are often used to string people along while avoiding any type of in person confrontation.

Facebook profiles: If someone wants to add you on Facebook after meeting online, proceed with extreme caution. Not only are you allowing them access into your personal life, but you will be giving them access to photos of you, status updates, check-ins, etc. These can be used to create other fake profiles so they can posing as you or they could even steal your identity. Be wary of people that have less then 100 friends, as this could be a sign of suspicious activity.

Though there are a few inherent risks when deciding to online date. If you proceed with caution and look out for some of these signs, online dating can be very safe and fun. If you are looking to try out an online dating service or are not quite sure which one is right for you, check out our full reviews at