Today SpiderOak released their new version 5.0. The new update features SpiderOaks new syncing system Hive. Hive is a completely private and simplistic data syncing system which allows you to seamlessly share data between devices. Hive easily integrates with SpiderOak mobile, which allows you access to your entire file system from your mobile device or tablet. With the new SpiderOak 2.o iOS app, using SpiderOak on the go is easier than ever.

Starting today through May 12 at 11:59 p.m. CDT, SpiderOak will be offering a special offer for those who sign up and download the new SpiderOak 5.0 system. For those who have yet to download the SpiderOak system, when you sign up you will get 5GB of free storage space for life for either personal or business use. For those who already have SpiderOak, you can receive 25% off when you upgrade to an annual plan. To redeem this special offer, go to your account tab, click “Buy more space” then select “Upgrade my plan.” There you will see a Promotional Code box. Type in ILoveSpiderOak in the box and select update. Upon selecting this you will see the 5GB option as well as the 25% discount, choose your promotion and continue through the checkout process.

In our reviews we found that SpiderOak is one of the most secure and most trusted of many of the online backup and cloud storage services. With the new 5.0 update, they improved their services even more. If you’re interested in SpiderOak and would like to know more about their product, visit our full review here for more info on their product and what they offer.