Online backup is becoming one of the most common ways for people to store personal information and files. With so many different types of services out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Some of the bigger name companies, such as Carbonite, offer a lot of different features and space, while some smaller companies, like iDrive, offer an affordable, no frills solution to your backup needs. What the decision really comes down to is what are your needs?

Carbonite is one of the industries top online backup services. They offer anything you might need from an online backup service. If you are looking for features like syncing, file sharing and encrypted data protection, Carbonite is the service for you. Carbonite is perfect for those with large amounts of data to back up, since they offer unlimited space. If you sign up for Carbonite through, you get a special discounted price, depending on what kind of plan you choose.

iDrive is a great service for someone that only needs the basics. They offer everything that is needed in terms of an online backup service but without all the extra features like syncing and advanced file sharing. If you are looking for a service that fits just your basic needs, this is the service for you. If you sign up for iDrive through, you can get a 17% discount when signing up for a annual plan.

There are many other great services out there for online backup, each offering its own features and plans to help fit you and your budget. If you are looking to find some other options, visit our compare page where you can see how they all stack up against each other.