Two of the biggest names in security software have a lot to offer, but which one is better? We look at both Norton and Kaspersky and compare them side-by-side to see which Internet security software suite is the best.

Price: This is a close race. Factoring in the NextAdvisor discount with both security software suites, Kaspersky is a whole $0.04 cheaper than Norton, so they are basically the same price.

Protection: Kaspersky consistently scores at the top of independent testing, making it one of the top security software suites around. However, Norton is also very well respected when it comes to protection, although it doesn’t score as high as Kaspersky in most cases. If you want consistently superior protection, Kaspersky is the better choice.

Performance: This is where Norton shines. They are known for their performance and their ability to not disturb your normal computing environment. While Kaspersky also has steady scores in independent testing, Norton is one of the highest rated security suites when it comes to performance.

Customer Service: While most security software suites offer great customer service options, including Norton, Kaspersky is actually the best because it offers an entire portion of their website that is devoted to helping you solve your problems.

Basically, both security software suites are solid, although Norton has a few more bells and whistles than Kaspersky. To read the full review of both Norton and Kaspersky, check out our Internet security software compare page here.