Q: I want to sign up for Identity Guard, but I also need identity theft protection for my children. Do I have to pay the same price that I would pay or do kids get a discount?

A: That’s a really good question. A lot of people don’t realize that children can be victims of identity theft too. The Identity Theft Assistance Center found that one in 40 households with children under the age of 18 were affected by identity theft in 2012, so it’s good that your recognizing the importance of identity theft protection for your children.

Identity Guard offers its own identity theft protection for children called kID Sure — which monitors for your child’s social security number as well as checks for your child’s information on criminal records, DMV records and utilities records. The program costs only $5 per month with an enrolled verified parent or legal guardian. So once you complete your sign up for Identity Guard protection for $14.99 per month with a free 30-day trial, you can sign your child up for kID Sure, so they can also be protected against identity theft. Check out our full review of Identity Guard to learn more about the protection, and visit our FAQs to learn about which identity theft protection services offer identity theft protection for children.