Our top two virtual phone services— eVoice and Phone.com — go head-to-head to determine which service is best for consumers.

Price: In terms of price, both services offer cost-effective plans that come with a free 30-day trial. eVoice costs $9.95 per month while Phone.com costs $14.99 per month. eVoice is the most cost-effective of the two because it saves you $5.04 per month.

Domestic Minutes:  Both eVoice and Phone.com offer 300 minutes per month, so the two services are tied in this category.

Extensions and Faxing: Phone.com offers the better option when it comes to extensions and faxing. It offers an unlimited number of extensions, and also allows you send and receive faxes. eVoice only offers two extensions — you have the option to get more extensions by upgrading your plan — and doesn’t have the option to send or receive faxes.

Features: Both of the virtual phone services offer similar general features such as robo-answering, recording your own greetings, smartphone apps, hold options and conference call options, however, eVoice also offers the voicemail-to-text option with its basic plan. Phone.com only offers voicemail-to-text with its premium package, which costs more per month.

Cost of Additional Minutes: Phone.com charges 1¢ less than eVoice when it comes to the cost for additional minutes. Phone.com charges 4.9¢ for additional minutes, while eVoice charges 5.9¢ for additional minutes.

Bottom line, overall Phone.com offers more options — such as unlimited extensions and faxing — for a reasonable price. However if you’re really need the voicemail-to-text option — without an extra cost — then eVoice might be a better option for you. Check out our virtual phone comparison page to learn more about the virtual phone services we reviewed.