You’re on a date with someone you met online. Everything seems to be going well until something sets it all off. Maybe it’s a conversation on politics and religion, or their borderline obsession with their phone, or a small quirk that’s a deal breaker for you. Whatever the case may be, things just aren’t working out.

Of course, not every date made through an online dating site will turn out bad, but when you decide to meet up with strangers from the Internet you do run the inherent risk of having a few bad dates. Though we highly suggest being straight forward with your date and letting them know if it’s not working, we understand that its not always that easy. By taking a few preventative measures you can pre-plan an escape route from any potential disaster date. Luckily for you, we have some advice that can help you bail on your awkward date.

The pre-emptive strike: When deciding on a potential first date, make sure to let them know ahead of time that you only have a specific amount of time to be on the date. By setting a time limit to a date you are able to leave within that given time frame without looking rude. If the date is going well you always have the option to stay longer and really get to know the person on a deeper level.

Phone a friend: Another option that some people use is the friend method. Let a friend know when and where you are meeting. After a certain amount of time, your friend gives you a call or texts you. Depending on how the date is going you can either give a believable excuse and get picked up by your friend, or if the date is going well you can ignore the call and continue on with the date.

Extreme bailing: If you haven’t planned ahead and don’t have a friend calling you or an excuse to bail early, it might be time for extreme bailing measures. You can start to act really obnoxious in hopes that your online date will cut things short to get away from you. You can start yawning constantly and remark on how you can’t believe how tired you are, and then casually mention that you should get home to bed. Or if you really can’t stand to be on this date anymore, you can excuse yourself to go the bathroom and never come back, but that is a low thing to do to your date.

Like we said, not every online date is going to turn out bad. We highly suggest trying to stick it out if you can because, like you, your date might be nervous as well. The best and most effective way to end a bad date is to tell them straight, that it’s not working.