Q: I want to open a savings account with Ally bank but I’m a little skeptical since it’s online. Will my money be safe?

A: Yes, your money will be just as safe with Ally and the other top online banks as it would be in a regular bank. Just like a traditional bank, your money is FDIC insured for up to $250,000. You can rest assured that when you go online to access your account, it is just as secure as when you use your regular bank’s online banking interface to check your balances, make transfers and pay bills.

Ally uses anti-virus protection to help detect and prevent viruses. They also use SSL encryption to create a secure connection with your browser when you log in and use their services, which protects your information from being intercepted. They even monitor activities for potential fraud and offer their customers free anti-malware software, which you can download from their security center.

Your information is protected and secure when applying for an online savings account from any of the top online banks . For example, in the Google Chrome browser, the beginning of the URL is highlighted in green and instead of HTTP it says HTTPS, meaning that the webpage is secure.

Online savings accounts offer higher interest rates than regular banks because they have less expenses like branch maintenance and less employees to pay. Most online savings accounts boast no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. Some banks offer 24/7 customer support and in general they are all very flexible andĀ convenient. Learn more about all of the top online savings accounts, read reviews and see how they compare to one another on our online savings comparison page.