Have you ever tried Googling yourself and found that someone else — with your same name — comes up? Does the content in the results offend or even embarrass you? It is very difficult to delete the information connected to someone else with the same name, so instead you have to find ways to build up your own reputation.

Here are steps that you can take to restore your online reputation:

1. Use people search services to know what exactly — good and bad — is connected to your name: Some people search services use the Internet and social media, as well as public records, to gather information about you.

We recommend trying one of our top-rated people search services, Intelius. This service allows you to search for basic information — such as full name, birth-date, address, phone number, home value, relatives and income — for $1.95, or advanced information — such as address history, marriage, state criminal check, bankruptcy, property and income — for $49.95.

If you use a people search service then you can actually see what is connected to your name and possibly correct it. Check out this blog to learn how to correct information on a background check.

2. Make yourself known on social media and the Internet: If you have more of a presence on the Internet and social media, than the information is more than likely to be accurate. Social media is one of the first things that comes up on a Google search, so make all your social media profiles up to date, or start a blog and link it to your social media sites. This information will be the top results on a search of your name.

3. Delete old online profiles that you don’t use anymore: Often times our old online social media or blogging profiles contain old, inaccurate or embarrassing information. You may have enjoyed playing Pokémon in middle school, but that might not be something that you want your future or current boss to know. For the sake of your online reputation as a professional, delete it.

These steps will help you to shape your online reputation into the way you want to be represented online. Do you want more information about people search and background check services? Check out our people search and background check FAQs or compare people search services with out compare page.