One of our top rated VoIP services — VoIPo — goes head-to-head with Facebook’s VoIP services to determine which service is best for consumers.

Price: VoIPo offers two years unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada for $6.21 per month or monthly unlimited calling for $15 per month. Facebook’s VoIP services are free through Facebook, however the services run on data, so if you have a set amount of data, then you risk the cost of paying extra fees to your phone provider for going over your data plan. The fees can cost as much as $10 per extra one GB used — that amount can add up very quickly. VoIPo is the cheapest domestic VoIP service out of our reviewed services, and is a cheaper option than Facebook VoIP services if you have a limited data plan with your cell phone provider.

Equipment: VoIPo offers a free small adapter — which turns data into voice and voice into data — that plugs into your home cable modem and your router. Facebook’s VoIP services are only offered to its iOS users, or iPhone, iTouch, iPad and iPad mini users. The prices of the Apple products differ based on the product and the memory size, but the most expensive product of the bunch — an iPad with 128GB memory — can retail as high as $929.

Call Quality: VoIPo service’s call quality overall is solid. The voice sounded fair and warm, and it lacked any noticeable delay or echo. On the other hand, Facebook’s VoIP service’s call quality was not very good. It sounded as if the person on the other end of the call was sitting in a tunnel, and there was a noticeable echo that began to get annoying after 30 seconds or so into the conversation.

International calls: Both VoIPo and Facebook say they offer unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada. Whether you get the 2-Year Unlimited plan for $6.21 per month or the monthly unlimited plan $15.00 per month, VoIPo truly does offer unlimited calling. Facebook’s VoIP service does offer unlimited calling, but only if you have unlimited data. Also, the call only works if both of the users are Facebook friends and have the most recent version of Facebook app or the Facebook Messenger app.

Bottom line: Both VoIPo and Facebook offer unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada, however if you are looking for a dependable option that is more cost effective and has better call quality, we would recommend trying VoIPo for your VoIP needs.

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