There’s no better time than now to start monitoring your credit reports. According to a study by the FTC, 42 million Americans have errors in their credit report that they do not know about. Having errors in your report can hurt your credit score, which in turn can cause you to pay higher interest rates, affect your eligibility for a cell phone plan or utilities, and even determine whether a landlord will lease an apartment to you

Simply not knowing your credit score is also a great reason to sign up for a credit monitoring service — the sooner you start working on raising your credit score, the better.

So which credit report monitoring services offer the best deals?

• Currently, NextAdvisor readers can get a 25% discount and 30-day free trial on Identity Guard. After your 30-day free trial, the cost is just $14.99/month with the discount. There is no annual contract and you can cancel at any time. Your Identity Guard subscription comes with Zone Alarm Internet security software for your computer, and of course, 3-bureau credit monitoring with free credit scores from each of the 3 bureaus. Identity Guard will monitor the Internet’s black market for any changes to your name and also offers anti-keylogging software and lost wallet protection. Read our full review of Identity Guard and sign up for the free trial here.

• If you’re looking for a plan that covers both you and your spouse, then you should consider the Trusted ID family plan, since Identity Guard does not offer any discounts for spouses or families. The Trusted ID family plan includes all household members living at the same address, related or not. Like Identity Guard, Trusted ID  provides monitoring of the Internet’s black market, 3-bureau credit monitoring, credit scores and credit reports all for $20/month with annual prepay. Though they do not offer a full Internet security software subscription with the plan like Identity Guard does, your membership comes with free anti-spyware software developed by Sana Security, a reputable identity theft prevention software company. Trusted ID also offers a free 14-day trial. Click here to read more about Trusted ID and see if it’s right for you.

Compare pricing and features for all of the top credit monitoring services.