Q: I only listen to audiobooks in my car. Will Audible.com work for me?

A: Out of the various audiobooks sites out there, Audible has the the largest download library, which includes more than 100,000 audiobook titles. If you do most of your listening while you drive, no worries — it is super easy to get your audiobook from your computer and into your car:

• If your newer car features an auxiliary input, then you can simply transfer the MP3 file to your smartphone, iPod or MP3 player, plug the device into the auxiliary input with an auxiliary cable and you’re good to go.

• If your car doesn’t have an auxiliary input and/or you don’t own a smartphone, iPod or MP3 player, just burn the audiobook MP3 file onto a CD and pop it into your car stereo. You can burn CDs using iTunes on both the Mac and the PC or you can use Windows Media Player on the PC.

• If you’d rather have audiobook CDs shipped to you, then take a look at our review for Booksfree, which offers free shipping and a larger selection than  audiobook CD rental competitor, Simply Audiobooks

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