Q. I have been getting a lot of annoying phone calls from specific numbers, but my current phone provider won’t allow me to block just one specific phone number. Would VOIPo let me do that?

A. Good question! Yes, VOIPo will allow you to block a specific phone number. Using the vPanel interface, you can set VOIPo to block phone numbers in a variety of ways. The simplest way is to block specific numbers. If you’d like to block a category of numbers, say an entire area code, you can do that too. Finally, if you want just a few specific people to be able to reach you, you can set up a white list of numbers, and VOIPo will only allow calls from those numbers to reach you.

This kind of flexibility is one of the great features of VoIP service. You can read more about VOIPo’s features in our review, or click through from there to the VOIPo site to get a great discount on service or read more about the features in detail.