Image via Barbtrek on Flickr

Whether you’ve been dating your sweetie a while or you just met online, all the pressure around Valentine’s Day can sometimes make the holiday less fun. It doesn’t have to be that way though–there are lots of fun, low-key things you can do to make Valentine’s Day special without making it a chore. Just be sure your partner is on the same page so you don’t disappoint!

Dinner at Home

Do you love to cook? Does your partner usually handle planning and preparing dinner? Either way, Valentine’s Day can be a great time to sweep in and take over the dinner duties. If you’re not a confident cook, you could even order takeout from your partner’s favorite restaurant to serve at home, we won’t tell. If you want to take this one the extra mile, get home early and clean up the house and set up a nice dinner table, maybe even with a few candles. It’s like a restaurant you can go to in your pajamas!

The Anti-Valentine’s Day

Tired of the red hearts and flowers? Plan an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration for you and your partner or for a crowd. Forget chocolate and romantic meals, pick up a pizza, pasta with extra garlic and onions, or even messy BBQ ribs and have a delicious but inelegant meal. After dinner, consider some un-romantic movies. Be sure to change into your most comfortable pajamas and break out the popcorn. You can even¬†stream movies right to your computer (or to some TVs and gaming systems). We recommend comedy favorites like National Lampoon’s Family Vacation, horror movies like The Ring, action and adventure like The Avengers or Die Hard 3, or revenge movies like Kill Bill if you need a place to start. Just stay out of the rom com section! You can rent most movies to stream on your computer instantly from Amazon or iTunes for a dollar or two, or you may find great options included free to stream with your Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu Plus subscriptions.

Let Your Inner Child Make the Plans

Remember Valentine’s Day in grade school? Getting cards and candy from all your friends was fun, and you can reinstate the practice this year if you want. Check out sites like Tiny Prints, Cardstore, Minted, and Paper Culture for custom valentines and buy your favorite heart-shaped candy. You could even make your own Valentines if you’re feeling crafty. Then be sure to exchange your favorite¬†schmaltzy¬†sentiments and seal it all with a Hershey’s kiss.