Q: I have an iMac and am running Mac OSX and also have a partition on which I’m running Windows 7, will Carbonite back up both systems?

A: Unfortunately, a single Carbonite plan only covers the backup of one operating system. Though, with their new free application called Carbonite Currents that comes with every Carbonite plan. With Currents, you can sync particular files and folders across all of your devices, including your two operating systems. If you specifically want to use Carbonite for the full backup of both operating systems, you will need to purchase a separate subscription for each system. To learn about switching your Carbonite subscription from a PC to a Mac, or vice-versa, click here.

Don’t want to buy a separate subscription for each operating system? We suggest signing up for a service that backs up multiple computers in one plan. SugarSync, a 5 out of 5 star rated online backup service, does just that. You can purchase plans based on the number of Gigabytes you need to back up, and SugarSync works for both Macs and PCs. Click here to read our full review of SugarSync and don’t forget to check out our online backup comparison chart for more services that back up multiple systems.