Q: I see a few of your VoIP reviews mention “cloned second lines.” What does that mean? 

A: Good question! A cloned line sounds like something out of science fiction, but really it’s a feature that is probably familiar to you if you’ve ever had more than one home phone line. A cloned line with VoIP means that while you have one phone number, you have two available lines and can therefore be connected to two callers at once. This is useful in lots of situations, since calls to your phone number can “roll over” from your first line to the cloned line. So, for example, if you are on the phone and someone else calls your home, your phone will ring on the second line and either you or someone else in the house can pick up and hold a conversation with the second caller without interrupting your existing call.

Likewise, you can place a call out even if someone else at home is already on the phone. Several of our top VoIP services offer a second cloned line, including Phone Power and VOIPo.