Already the leader in online backup, Carbonite just released a free new application called “Currents” that allows users to sync files across all of their devices. This is a smart add-on for Carbonite, since a home backup subscription only backs up one computer but this application can be used to sync and store files from multiple devices. Similar to many of the services we review in our cloud storage rankings, Currents offers a sleek and intuitive desktop application as well as applications for your Android and iPhone. In the product release they write:

“Now, you can simply save your work as you normally do and then access what you need with Currents whenever and wherever you need to, while all your documents remain secure and encrypted.”

With Currents, you can save files on one device and work on them on another. Like with most cloud storage services, any updates you make on a single file will be reflected through all of your devices. Another positive is that you can view previous versions of files as well, the ultimate redo button. You can also share and collaborate on files with others, with settings that allow you to control who can view, edit or collaborate on files, plus the ability to make comments for your collaborators. Check out Carbonite’s video for Currents:

With Carbonite’s excellent track record in home and business backup solutions, Currents seems like a promising new addition to the Carbonite family. You can download it for free at, on your Android phone, and soon you can get it for your iPhone. Stay tuned for our full review of the new application and be sure to check out our review on Carbonite online backup.