Tax season is upon us once again, and with it brings the yearly question of how to do your taxes. Should you try to finish them yourself? Get help? Use an online tax service? If so, which one should you choose? Well, while we can’t answer all of your questions for you, we can help you out with which tax service to choose. H&R Block and TurboTax are the two most-trusted, popular tax services in the game, so we’ve taken all of our research and compared the two services side-by-side to find out which one is the best:

Price: Currently, H&R Block is offering our readers a 15% discount on all of their tax packages, which makes them the cheaper of the two tax services. H&R Block’s pricing ranges from $16.96-$42.46, depending on how complicated your taxes are. For the same packages, TurboTax‘s pricing ranges from $19.99-$49.99. For state taxes, H&R Block is still priced lower with a range of $27.95-$34.95, compared to the fixed TurboTax price of $36.99. (Note: If you are filing a federal return using 1040EZ, filing is free with both services.)

Usability: H&R Block has the most intuitive and easy-to-use interface of any of the tax services that we’ve reviewed. While TurboTax‘s interface is fairly simple, it isn’t as intuitive as H&R Block is at finding additional deductions and errors.

Audit Protection: Both H&R Block and TurboTax offer free audit protection in case you are audited. If you get a letter from the IRS about an audit, all you need to do is call customer support for either service to be connected to a personal tax expert who can help.

Customer Service: Both services offer helpful and courteous customer service options, including a dedicated phone number, email and online chat. The extra bonus that H&R Block offers is in-person help from a local office. Since H&R Block has physical offices throughout the country, you have the advantage of meeting with a live person to go over your taxes if you have issues.

Bottom line, H&R Block is the best when it comes to helping you file your taxes, from pricing to in-person customer service. To read our full reviews of both H&R Block and TurboTax, check out our online tax services compare page here.