Q: I need to send hard documents every once in a while but want to get rid of my land line, is it possible to use Internet fax through a regular machine?

A: Though it is possible to use Internet fax through a fax machine, it is pretty pricey. Nextiva, which happens to be the most affordable plan in our reviews and rated 5 out of 5 stars, has a fax adapter option. It costs $150 but mediates the process of scanning hard documents into your computer by connecting you Nextiva Internet faxing plan to your fax machine.

If the fax adapter price tag seems too hefty, check out this post where we break down several other options for sending hard documents over Internet fax. These include desktop scanners, portable scanners and even smartphone photos (Hey, it works!). Read all of our Internet fax reviews here and be sure to check out our comparison chart to find the right service for you.