Q: I’m interested in running a background search on Intelius, but how accurate is that site? Will they find everything? Will everything they find be right? 

A: This is a great question: accuracy can be a problem for online people search sites. Intelius (and the other online background check and people search sites we review) draws its information from public records, which can be misspelled, contain information about other individuals with the same name, or simply be out of date. Online background checks and searches are a great place to start looking for information about someone or attempting to locate someone, but if it’s absolutely vital that you have the most accurate information, you should double-check what you find.

Whether or not Intelius is accurate enough for you will depend on why you are running the background check in the first place. If you’re looking for an address history to track someone down, or some possible phone numbers, Intelius is a great resource. Even if you’re looking for a basic criminal history, Intelius can certainly provide that. However, if you work in a sensitive industry and are trying to confirm a job candidate’s qualifications, you might want to do some additional searching to confirm the information you find.

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