Q: Can I call the Philippines with Vonage? I don’t see the Philippines on the list of included countries for Vonage World. 

A: This is a good question! Yes, you can call the Philippines, but you’re right that they’re not currently on the list of countries with free unlimited calling through Vonage World. Right now you have two options if you place a lot of calls to the Philippines. If you sign up for Vonage World, you’ll pay 9 cents per minute for calls to the Philippines, or you can sign up for the Vonage® Unlimited to Globe® Philippines plan, and receive unlimited calling to Globe Philippines numbers and pay 9 cents per minute to non-Globe numbers.

If you have friends or family with Globe number in the Philippines, this plan may be a good value for you, depending on how much you call. You can read more about the plan(as well as a variety of other plans from Vonagehere.