Q: I’m moving and I want to take my VoIP service with me to my new address. What do I have to do to set that up?

A: One of the advantages of a VoIP system over traditional phone service is that you can easily keep the same phone number when you move. All you’ll need is high speed internet in your new home and the same VoIP equipment you’re already using. Just pack it up and reconnect it on the other end. Moving your VoIP service is easy. There are really just three steps:


1. Update your billing address with your VoIP provider. They need accurate information to correctly run your credit card, and unless you pre-paid your service, an old address might cause a service interruption.

2. Update your physical address on file for E911. VoIP providers transmit your physical address to emergency services if you call 911. In order for you to get prompt service at the correct address, be sure you update the address they have on file as soon as you move.

3. Reconnect your VoIP equipment in your new home. As long as you continue to have access to a reliable, high-speed internet connection like a cable, DSL, or fiber connection, your VoIP equipment should work just the same as it did at your old address. If you have changed providers or are using a new configuration, you may need to get in touch with technical support at your VoIP company to reconfigure your setup, but most people should find that it’s pretty much plug-and-play. If you need a refresher on how to connect your equipment, most providers offer step-by-step instructions for installing your VoIP adapter on their websites.