Football lovers, rejoice. The new NFL Extra Points Credit Card rewards users for buying the football gear they crave—2 points for every $1 spent on NFL or team purchases. They’ll also get a generous 20% off every purchase at, or $20 off every $100 spent. And don’t worry, it’s not just for football; users will also earn 1 point for all other purchases.

Best Card for Football Lovers = NFL Extra Points Credit Card

Cardholders can redeem their points for game tickets, team jerseys, VIP stadium tours, statement credits and even Superbowl tickets. Yes, Superbowl tickets!  Or, they can cash their points in for 1% statement credits on everyday purchases of $25 or more (10,000 points = $100 cash back).

In addition to all this football goodness, NFL Extra Points Credit Card users can also take advantage of the 12-month, 0% introductory APR on both balance transfers and purchases. That means you can transfer balances from existing cards that might have high interest rates onto this card and pay no interest for a full year. You can also buy holiday gifts and not worry about paying interest for 12 months. It’s a great card just in time for the football season and the gift-giving season.