Q: I want to sign up for Netflix. How much does it cost?

A: Netflix’s pricing is simple: It’s $7.99/month for unlimited streaming, with access to their over 100,000 videos. Netflix also provides a DVD-by-mail add-on service that includes a wider selection of movies and TV shows that is also $7.99/month. So for both DVDs and streaming, it would be $15.98.

So can you get the DVD delivery service without the streaming? The Netflix site makes it seem like you have to buy both, but we called Netflix customer service and they told us that you can get a DVD-only subscription for only $7.99/month by going to DVD.com, which redirects you to the Netflix DVD-only site.

Want more than one DVD at a time? Here is the pricing structure based on how many DVDs you want:

Number of DVDs Cost
1 disc at a time $7.99/month
2 discs at a time $11.99/month
3 discs at a time $15.99/month

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