Blockbuster has had some issues in the past competing with Netflix when it comes to renting videos, especially since Netflix is the premiere video streaming service. But if you are only looking to rent DVDs by mail, which service is better? We take a look at how the two online video companies stack up:

Price: Netflix is cheaper, by $2/month on each of their plans. Netflix costs $7.99/month for one DVD at a time, while Blockbuster costs $9.99/month for the same package. It’s $11.99/month for two DVDs and $15.99/month for three on Netflix, while Blockbuster is $14.99/month for two and $19.99/month for three. That being said, Netflix raises their prices by $2 for Blu-ray discs, while Blu-ray is included in Blockbuster’s rates, so if you have a Blu-ray player, the rates for both Netflix and Blockbuster are the same.

Convenience: Blockbuster actually has Netflix beat here since they still have physical stores in a lot of areas. If you get Blockbuster’s DVD by mail rental package, you can also drop off and pick up DVDs at your local Blockbuster store, which is an added convenience. If you don’t think you’ll ever have a need to go to a Blockbuster or don’t have one in your area, both services offer the same convenience when it comes to DVD rentals by mail.

Speed: Both Netflix and Blockbuster have a network of distribution centers around the country, so most people will get DVDs within one business day. You can also speed this up by dropping off your DVDs at a local Blockbuster, if you have one nearby.

Selection: Both Netflix and Blockbuster have a wide range of movies and DVDs to choose from. In some cases, Blockbuster gets movies before they are released to Netflix, so if you are looking for the latest releases, Blockbuster might be a better choice. Otherwise, both companies have an extensive collection of both movies and TV shows that you can rent via DVD.

While Netflix continues its dominance in the online video arena because of its extensive video streaming collection (a collection that Blockbuster can’t hold a candle to), when it comes to renting DVDs, both Netflix and Blockbuster are good choices. If you want to read our full reviews of both Netflix and Blockbuster, check out our online video compare page here.