Q: I have less than 5 GB of data that I want to back  up online. Are there any plans that will allow me to back up my files for free?

A: Great question! Although we recommend backing up your entire computer in case of an emergency, there are plans that cater to those of you who just want to back up a select number of files. In fact, some of our favorite online backup services offer free plans:

SugarSync, which allows you to back up an unlimited number of computers as well as sync files and folders, offers 5 GB of storage for free. This means you can back up 5 GB worth of files online without ever having to pay. If you do decide you need some more storage space, the 30 GB plan comes out to just $4.17/month if you sign up for the up-front annual plan. SugarSync is one of the highest rated online backup services thanks to its sleek interface and convenience. You can sync files across all of your computers so that when you make a change on one computer, the document will be instantly updated on another. The service also offers stellar sharing features, a phone application and a great online interface so you can restore files with ease. Make sure to read our full review of SugarSync.

For those who really don’t need much backup space, Spideroak offers 2 GB of storage for free. Spideroak is another 5 out of 5 star service with handy syncing features. They also focus heavily on security, even using a true no-knowledge password policy. This means that once you create your password, not even Spideroak employees will have access to it, so make sure you remember it or write it somewhere safe. To learn more about Spideroak, click here.

If you’re looking for more of a quick file syncing and online file access solution rather than a full online backup service, check out some free cloud storage plans.