Q: Where does the background check information on Intelius come from? Would they have information about me?

A: Intelius gets all its information from public records, which includes any document filed by a government agency. Common sources include marriage and divorce records, criminal records, real estate deeds, lawsuit filings, liens, professional licensing records, and published phone directories. Generally, people search companies do not maintain databases of your financial or medical information.

When you purchase a subscription to a people search service or a single background check, you are paying not for access to each individual record, since it’s public information, but rather to their compiling service. A company like Intelius does all the work of gathering the information you’re interested in from the relevant sources and presenting it all together. If you were to complete the search yourself, you would probably be able to find the same information, but it might take you a lot longer to dig it up, since you’d have to know where to look and get in touch with a wide range of government agencies.

If information about you is available in public records (and it almost certainly is), Intelius has it. Intelius may remove information from their database if you have a compelling privacy or security reason, or you can request that they suppress your information, though this can be time-consuming and the information will probably still be available in the public record.