Most of the major security software suites for 2013 have been launched, but which one is the best? We decided to take a look at the two biggest names in security software — Norton and McAfee — and compare their 2013 offerings side by side. Here’s a quick look at how they stack up:

Price: McAfee is currently offering our readers 50% off their 2013 software, so they are the clear winner here. With the discount, McAfee is only $39.99/yr for 3 PCs, while Norton, even with our 15% discount, is $67.99/yr for 3 PCs.

Protection: Norton has a big leg up on McAfee when it comes to protection. First, it often rates 3 out of 3 stars in independent testing by AV-Comparatives, a security software testing company. McAfee’s average score is only a star and half. Norton also has a slew of features that McAfee doesn’t have, including SafeWeb browsing, a Facebook page scanner, personal information manager, a smart firewall and more. Norton is hands down better at protection.

Performance: This is a pretty even match, although Norton does better in independent testing, but only by a half of star. Neither programs slows down your computer and both keep the annoying pop-up messages to a minimum. However, Norton does offer real-time performance data on the programs running on your computer, as well as a startup manager that lets you know which programs are using the most memory when your computer boots up.

Usability: Norton has a much cleaner and easier-to-use interface than McAfee. McAfee continues to stick with an outdated design for their interface, which can make it confusing and hard to find features that you need. Norton, on the other hand, continues to innovate, creating a more streamlined version of their interface for 2013.

As you can see, Norton is the clear winner in 2013 as far as value, although McAfee is still a solid choice for a cheaper price. To read the full reviews of both Norton and McAfee, and to compare them side by side, check out our compare page here.