Q:   How many of my bank accounts, credit cards, ATM bank cards and Motor Club cards does ProtectMyID cover? What do you charge to cover both husband & wife?

A:   ProtectMyID proactively scans the Internet black market for your Social Security Number and up to 3 credit/debit cards, however, at this time they do not protect bank accounts. ProtectMyID only offers individual plans, so both you and your spouse would need to sign up separately. With the exclusive 35% NextAdvisor discount this would cost $20.70/month ($10.35 x 2).

If you’re interested in an identity theft protection service that provides monitoring of an unlimited number of bank accounts and debit/card cards as well as family membership plans, TrustedID is your best bet. The only caveat is that the credit cards need to be one of the major brands – ie, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Since the vast majority of credit cards fall under one of these 4 brands, you should be OK. Because the Motor Club Card is neither a debit or credit card, but more like an auto club membership, it unfortunately wouldn’t be covered.

In addition to it’s many identity theft protection benefits which include monitoring for your personal information, 3-bureau credit report monitoring, 3-bureau credit reports and scores, medical record protection and free computer protection software, TrustedID offers a great family plan. The family plan will protect you, your spouse, your children, and any other household members living at the same address, and is just $18 per month with an annual prepay. Right now TrustedID is offering NextAdvisor readers a free 14-day trial, so you can sign up and see if it fits your needs. If it doesn’t you can cancel within the trial period and still keep your 3-bureau credit report and scores, free of charge.  Pretty great deal, right?