There are dozens of Internet fax services that, on the surface, are essentially the same. They all have the same function — to make your life easier by faxing straight from the web, no clunky machines or phone lines necessary. So, with all those similar Internet fax providers out there, how does one choose the right service? Other than fax clarity and transmission times, which you can read more about in our Internet fax reviews, here are some factors you should take into account when choosing a service:

Value. Make sure that the Internet fax service you’re choosing has a monthly page allowance that is in line with your faxing habits. If you look at the pricing on our compare page, some top rated services have a higher fax allowance than other services of the same price. For example, you can get 1,000 pages per month for $8.99/month with Fax87, while MyFax is $9.17/month for 100 pages to send and 200 to receive. Another cost factor is the charge for when you go over your monthly fax limit. Some services may charge only three cents for each additional page while others will cost you ten cents.

Fax number options. If having a toll-free number is important to you, make sure to choose a service that has a toll-free option. Though the top rated MetroFax does charge an extra $2.00 per month for a toll-free number, their base price is low at $6.63/month and makes up for the extra charge. Some services allow you to choose your area code, and RingCentral, for example, will allow you to create your own vanity number for an extra charge of $30. If you are switching to Internet fax and want to keep your current fax number, you can port your existing fax number.

Mobility. With Internet fax you can basically fax from anywhere with an Internet connection by using your email. Additionally, some services make it even more convenient to fax anywhere, anytime by boasting easy-to-use mobile applications. Click here to learn more about Internet fax applications for your smart phone.

Check out the Internet fax comparison chart to see how the top services compare to one another and find out about free trials. Click here to read our Internet fax blog and don’t forget to look over the FAQs. Happy faxing!