Q: Can MagicJack Plus be used to call Asia, like Vietnam or Hong Kong? What would the rate be? Any idea on call quality to those countries? 

A: Yes, you can use MagicJack Plus to place international calls, but you must prepay by the minute. For calls to Vietnam, MagicJack charges 15 cents per minute, and for calls to Hong Kong, they charge about 2.8 cents per minute. As for call quality, while the call quality shouldn’t be different for international calls than it is for domestic ones, we haven’t been very happy with MagicJack call quality overall.

Despite MagicJack’s tempting offer of paying just once up front, if you’re planning to make international calls, you’re concerned about customer service, or you need great call quality, we’ve seen better deals with some of the other VoIP providers we review.

The best rates we’ve seen for calls to Hong Kong and Vietnam (and international calls in general) come from Phone Power, a favorite with people who make a lot of international calls. If you sign up for two years of their basic plan, you’ll pay $8.33 per month, and you’ll get 60 free minutes of international calling to select countries each month. You can use those minutes to place free calls to all numbers in Hong Kong and some mobile numbers in Vietnam (check their website for details about which Vietnam numbers are included). For numbers in Vietnam that are not included in the plan, you’ll pay just 4.3 cents per minute, significantly less than the 15 cents per minute  that MagicJack charges. If you need more than 60 included international minutes per month, you can upgrade to the Phone Power International Plus plan for $14.99/mo for a one year plan and get 1200 free international minutes (which you can use to call Hong Kong and some numbers in Vietnam) each month.