Q: How do I use VOIPo with two lines? Example Рif someone calls the first line and is still on the line and someone else calls, currently the caller rolls over to the second line. So how will this work with your system and how do I add just a phone in another room that will be able to answer a call?

A: This is a great question! Let’s deal with the second part first. Most people want to have more than one phone in the house. Since the VoIP adapter needs to be connected to a wired internet connection, you have a few options for handling multiple phones. The easiest and most common solution is to use a cordless phone system with one base station and a number of cordless handsets. Then you just plug the base station into the VoIP adapter and place the cordless handsets around your house wherever you would like to have a phone. If you would rather not use a cordless phone system, you can read about some of the other ways to connect multiple phones with VoIP in this blog post.

Now, as for two lines, this is actually something VOIPo handles really well. The VoIP adapter VOIPo sends you when you sign up has two phone ports in it. By default, these are set up as two cloned lines of the same phone number. This means that while you won’t have a “true” second line with its own, separate phone number, each port does operate as a separate copy of the same phone line. If you are on the phone when someone else calls, the new call will just roll over to the second cloned line, and can be picked up on another phone in the house or by putting your current call on hold without disconnecting your existing phone call. As a default feature, this second cloned line comes at no additional cost when you sign up for VOIPo.